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Sacred Masculinity
A Path Toward Men's Healing and Self-Discovery

This artistic depiction by Denton Lund entitled, Ascent Of The Eagle portrays a Native American male in a vision quest. The eagle totem is the animal spirit guide.

The vision quest has been an essential part of Lakota life and ritual. Until recent times, all young men sought this experience, sometimes as young as 10 or 11 and never later than their early teens. Later in life, men would often return for another vision quest when seeking guidance in the affairs of life. Women would vision quest too, but not as regularly as men. The practice, though not as prevalent, has never been abandoned by the people and is still carried on today. There is nothing in Western Culture that parallels this spiritual practice.

Along the path of Sacred Masculinity, each traveler is on a personal quest for a deeper understanding of self and a right relationship with their SonSpirit.


Men are beginning to wake up to the reality that they are facing a formidable adversary which reeks havoc in their daily lives and the world in which they live.  It bears no human or material form, and yet, is responsible for most of the maladies which we witness and experience.  This enemy is not from without, instead it is from within.  It is ignorance of self.

Through not knowing nor embracing their true nature, men have become less than what they actually are.  By turning a deaf ear to the original inner vibration and muffling the celestial song which resonates within, a destructive dissonance has threaten all living things.

However, in questioning and examining their motives and actions, some men are beginning to choose a different direction - one which brings healing, wholeness, knowledge and acceptance of their divine nature. This choice confronts and vanquishes the dark enemy within.  For want of a better term, this choice is referred to as Sacred Masculinity, which may be defined as the intentional journey of a man toward:

(1) Inner Discovery - Finding, accepting, and embracing those elements within himself and others which are good and divinely unique;

(2) Outer Acknowledgement - Learning and knowing that there is a multidimensional universe governed by precise laws, and

(3) Harmonics - Striving to bring about a state of harmony and balance within his life and within his surroundings.

Thus, any man, regardless of his religious orientation, who walks such a path is a Sacred Male.  This path of sacredness is simply our attempt to maintain and/or increase the original energy vibration within ourselves and within our surroundings.  This path encourages us first, to see the sacred in everything - and secondly to treat both beings and things with respect and honor.

Earth SonSpirit is a men's webgathering dedicated to the pursuit of this path. To join this community, please click the corresponding link below.

In Friendship,

Bill Pinder ( Sadaka )
Moderator, ESS

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